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A Great Healing Is Coming

A Great Healing is coming upon the church. It will seem like all that you can see are the mountains and the rocks, but I AM preparing the field. I AM already plowing it, leveling the mountains, exposing the clogs (those things that blind and deafen My people) and the rocks. (Past sins and hardened hearts) Soon the soil in the field of your (souls and the church) will be sifted and refined, ready for planting the Seeds of healing and recovery. Now you are seeing a plowed field, where what was hidden is being exposed so that the field can be readied for a Great Healing. Say “yes” to the plowing. Say “yes” to the turning of the soil, to the exposing of that which will not bear fruit. Great renewal is coming to My Beloved Bride. Do not fear the plowing. I Am recovering My treasure, My pearl of great price! Rejoice with the Plower. I AM busy about My father’s Work. Will you let Me walk on the field of your soul to prepare you for My Light and Great Healing?

Lucille Burris Hadden. August 5, 2018