About Us

JusticeDR is more than a movement; It’s a Divine Revolution!
Love, Truth, Peace, and Life.

Who We Are
JusticeDR is a Pacific Northwest-based organization that nurtures, promotes and supports compassionate justice through community outreach and human development.

JusticeDR believes in a world united by compassionate justice.

JusticeDR promotes and supports compassionate justice that ensures a healthy and vibrant individual, community and world beginning in the Pacific Northwest.

JusticeDR’s efforts seek to elevate the understanding and impact of compassionate justice, as well as redefine the role a supporting organization plays in stewarding and nurturing a movement.

JusticeDR’s method of support is identified in four focus areas:

#1: Sponsorship
JusticeDR sponsors programs that are impacting countless lives across the globe. Our partners in compassionate justice have a deep commitment to creating compassionate communities and a more compassionate world. Through visionary partnerships and sponsorship of inspiring initiatives, JusticeDR is creating a world united by compassionate justice.

#2: Inspiration
JusticeDR’s unique position allows us to witness the patterns and trends that are reshaping our world. As we identify what is emerging, we also seek to discover what these promising initiatives require in order to contribute to a compassionate, whole society. Inspiration refers to the activities of (1) identifying promising solutions and innovations with the greatest potential impact and benefit to society, (2) discerning what is needed to scale and/or develop these initiatives, and (3) facilitating those needs being met.

#3: Community Outreach
JusticeDR hosts, co-hosts and participates in events designed to engage, educate and energize the general public in service of our broader mission. We are committed to efforts that engage, educate, and connect an organization or initiative to groups, specific audiences or the general public.

#4 Human Development
JusticeDR seeks opportunities to create a more compassionate society by delivering human development education and instruction. We provide courses and coaching to give people freedom and opportunities to live life with value and purpose. JusticeDR provides a variety of educational instruction, practical training, and coaching sessions for organizations, groups and individuals.