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Activating Revival

“Catholic Revival, Revival. Revival, Revival. I was in a large church in the Seattle area. I believe it is Renton. I was seated with an opened Bible in my hands, reading from the Word of God, the Scriptures. The whole, entire, complete altar was filled with priests, from one side to the other. They were witnessing to the people their testimonies of their own Baptisms in the Holy Spirit. They did this continuously all day long. People kept coming, ALL day, to receive what they were hearing and what was being witnessed too through the Word and by the priests. Continuous praise and worship and sharing. Revival! Revival, Revival! People were empowered and sent as they surrendered and received.”

He then shared this for this week:

I believe this weekend is going to be big!

“The next step after (Impartion/Surrender/Encounter) is that fire which is the Spirit of Revival needs to be actively released into the vessel that the Father has built. (Individual vessal/groups)

Once we have received this flame of revival within all we have been called for, we then release into our cities and this nation and into the rest of the world. (the Vessels of Revival, through unity and surrender, are now being released into the whole people of God/upon the church)

This can only happen as we, all the vessels of revival come together in cities that God has already prepared for revival

The vessels prepared for revival now need to gather in cities (Saturday in Bruien? other gatherings? Now/Future!))

The torchbearers need to gather with the intercessors, Only when these vessels for revival start to come together, by the Spirit; and lay all down before Him, and seek the Lord as one, will we see revival fire break out in these cities.” (Word from Wayne Horak, in Africa…how to open to the impartations…Used as 1 confirmation. If you have been praying for impartation, you may have already heard this, experienced this and this word will only be a confirmation for you, your group, etc).)

This is sovereignly happening all over the world. Sound the shofar! God is coming to meet us!

Blessed be God.
ANAWIM core Group