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“Go now among the wolves and rescue My lambs.”

“My little lambs, do not continue to act like sheep that follow every whelm. The wolf is in the field and you run away, afraid. I have given you power and every help. Be My little lambs. Lambs follow the voice of the Master. Lambs follow their mother. I have given you My Mother. Follow her example. She knows your struggles. I know that you want to run away and hide, but the wolf will flee from My Presence. The wolf flees from the presence of My Mother because she is in My Presence. She carries Me everywhere she goes and she will teach you to do the same.

I AM is now saying: I am the Good Father. I want to give you only goodness. I am loving and patient towards you always, no matter what is in you or coming at you or distressing you. I AM a Good Father and only want victory and life and freedom for you, Come now, to Me, My Little Lambs. Trust Me to bring you victory over every wolf that attacks you.

Think on all that is good, pure, holy, worthy, peaceful and kind. Dwell on My Goodness and all will be well.”

Another word received the same night:

“Go now among the wolves and rescue My lambs.”


Kelso WA