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I am coming! I am coming in Light. I am Light. Where I am there is no darkness. When I come, all will be revealed and nothing hidden. I am Light.

I desire my people to have nothing hidden. I desire them to be completely open with everything revealed. This is Freedom. This is Liberty. To not worry about image because everything is exposed; to not worry with words because all untruths are revealed; to be fully the person you were created to be. This is Freedom. This is Liberty.

Light is energy and can be straightened and focused with the capability of great power. Light is a vast spectrum of wavelengths but it is greater than you know. You know of spectrums such as the visible light , infra-red light, ultra-violet light which you can see with the naked eye or mechanical assistance. I am those and much, much more. I am the spectrums which you cannot see or sense but which allow me to see and penetrate everything. Nothing can be hidden from my Light. I am the spectrum which sees your heart, your soul, your mind, and your spirit. Nothing of you can be hidden from my Light. Your thoughts, emotions, desires, hopes, sorrows are all seen in my Light. I am the Light of the World in which everything is revealed and nothing is hidden.

Come to me and embrace the Light. Come to the Light and allow it to enfold you. Allow it to encompass you. Allow me to wrap your entire being with my Light. Open yourselves to my Light and allow me to illuminate all shadows and darkness where pain, suffering, shame, anger, pride, guilt, and all forms of sin can hide. Allow me to bathe you with my Light and set you free from the darkness. Allow me to bring you Truth.

Allow the focused power of my Light to cleanse you and give you liberty. Allow Truth to burn through the shackles of darkness which bind you. Allow Truth to give you true freedom and liberty which you were created to have and which I desire for you. Accept the temporary pains of being released and come into the ecstasy of true freedom. Allow Truth to cleanse your heart, your mind, and your soul. Allow Truth to set you free. I desire you to walk in the Light and in the Truth.

I am the Light. I am the Truth. I am also the Way. Light reveals the darkness and brings cleansing. That is Truth. Love embraces them both and allows mercy and grace to flow bringing gentleness and minimal pain to the process of healing. Love beckons you to the Light. Love holds your hand during the process. Love embraces you in the pain. Love rejoices in your freedom. Love is the Light. Love is the Truth. Love is the Way.

Love calls you to embrace the Light and be set free with gentleness and mercy. Love cries for your bondage and yearns for your liberty. Choose me NOW!


Word given to Daniel Hadden 2-15-2005