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Where Explorers Came – Healing Will Now Come

March 10, 2001

Where Explorers Came – Healing will now come
The Northwest is a region and a territory where in days past there were explores who came into this area. Explorers such as Lewis and Clark that came through this Northwest Territory, exploring this land and this region. And in this exploring they discovered rivers, and they discovered streams, and they discovered sources of water. I heard the Spirit say,

“This is an hour that I am going to release an anointing upon spiritual explorers in the area. They are going to discover rivers of water, and they are going to discover healing streams. This is an hour I’m going to cause the streams to begin to come together in this area. And even the streams and the tributaries begin to join together, I’m going to release a power in this area, and it shall be a power that shall cause healing and miracles to be released. I purpose this area to be an area of healing.”

“I purposed this area to be an area of healing”

“Im going to even raise up healing centers from city to city and region to region. There will be healing cities. And many will come into those healing waters and they shall find healing, and they shall find restoration. Know that as healing anointing is released, not just the Christian’s are going to come, but know that I shall bring people from all spiritual and non-spiritual backgrounds, the thirsty, the desperate and the destitue. I shall bring those that do not know Me, but that are desperate for a miracle. And they shall come into those healing centers, and I shall release my healing, restoring manifest power and presence. It will cause those that need to be healed to come into this area, and they will get into the healing waters of My Spirit. And in these healing centers that I am going to raise up from city to city, I’m going to release miracles in this hour. I will be glorified.”

Healing Waters – Healing Streams
“For even as it was in the past when I sent explorers into this territory to find and they found sources of water, I say My spiritual explorers in this area are going to find healing waters and healing streams. I’m going to loose the waters of revival in this area. I’m going to change the statistics of this area. No longer will they be able to report that this is the least of areas, but they will report of a mighty move of My Spirit in this area. And I shall cause an influx of people to come even out of the nations of the world. And they shall come to behold the mighty things that are happening in this area.”

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