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Cloud of Incense

From August 2016 to January 2017, I experienced Spirit come upon me creating a thick cloud of incense pouring from my heart. The cloud of incense poured out in a swirl clockwise around me. The incense would fill the room I was in and continue pouring into the next room until the house was completely filled. As I swam laps in the pool, I could feel the incense filling the pool, then the aquatic center and then the whole recreational facility.  This happened everywhere and the pouring fourth didn’t stop there.

Cities Filled

The cloud of incense continued to pour out and expand in a spiral throughout the whole city of Longview, Washington. Once the City of Longview was full of incense it would continue into the neighboring city of Kelso from there into Kalama. The cloud of incense would then pour into the Kalama, Cowlitz and Columbia Rivers.  It would flow in Woodland, Scappoose, St. Helens and Rainier. It would continue flowing west filling Clatskanie, Cathlamet and Grays River/Rosburg.

Two Directions

The wind would guide the cloud of incense all the way to the mouth of the Columbia River where it split in two different directions, North and South. From Ilwaco and Long Beach the incense headed north across the Willapa Bay to Raymond and South Bend and continue all the way to Aberdeen in Grays Harbor Washington. The cloud of incense flowed east to Hoquiam and northeast across the Willapa Hills into Pe/El and Chehalis/Centralia.

Washington State

As each area and city became filled with incense the cloud of incense flowed faster picking up momentum until it reached the Washington State Capitol of Olympia Washington.  At the moment the cloud of incense reached the Washington State capital, the region burst with a bright light and a circular wave of incense washed over the entire State of Washington. The wave of incense ripped through the Puget Sound, Seattle and across the eastern side of the state.

Oregon State

Simultaneous to the north flow, the south flow filled Astoria, Seaside, and Tillamook. The cloud of incense continued south to Lincoln City and Newport before a strong gust of wind pushed the incense east on highway 20 and highway 26 moving through the forested hills reaching Portland Oregon and Salem Oregon at about the same time.  Same as the Washington State Capitol, as the cloud of incense reached the Oregon State Capitol in Salem the region burst forth with a bright light and a circular wave of incense covered all of the State of Oregon.

Waves Crashing

Up to this point, the cities of Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon were not touched by the incense.  As the waves of incense burst forth from the capitols in Olympia and Salem, the two waves met in the Vancouver, Washington. The two waves meeting created a huge crash that sprayed incense into the upper atmospheres. This experience shook the region to it’s core and it was never the same again.  People from this region spread throughout the world changing the atmosphere more than from any other time or place in modern history.

More than a Movement

The large two state waves of incense continued to spread out pouring into the Pacific Ocean, into Canada, into Idaho and Montana. It poured into California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas and eventually Mexico. The wave spread across the entire United States and when it touched the United States Capitol in Washington DC it burst into a bright light and a massive wave ensued. Moments later the capitols of Canada and Mexico burst forth. The wave of incense continued to spread across the entire globe knowing no boundaries.

The wave of incense poured in every water, on every land, and to all living creatures. As the wave covered the globe, anywhere the wave met, the convergences created bursts of incense rose into the atmosphere and shook the regions, reversing the flow of the waves back across the globe as a second harvest that again converged all together in unison in Portland, Oregon, just south of where it all began.

By JD Rossetti

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Ananias; The Cloud of the Presence of the Lord

Ananias; The Cloud of the Presence of the Lord

In January 2017, while in prayer and meditation I was greeted by an angelic being.  Roman centurion Helmet, breastplate, sword and shield. He had wings as we typically imagine. He was 7 to 8’ tall and muscular in stature.  He spoke to me saying, “Greetings! I am Ananias, I have been sent to be your guarding angel and to guild your way.”

I replied by thanking him for his service and asked the meaning of Ananias.  He responded, “Ananias means “Cloud of the Presence of the Lord.”  You may recognize me from Mathew 17. I was there when Jesus was transfigured as he met with Moses and Elijah. I am honored to receive this assignment to be with you.”

“What is the assignment?” I asked.

Ananias replied, “Revolution, are you ready?”

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Where Explorers Came – Healing Will Now Come

March 10, 2001

Where Explorers Came – Healing will now come
The Northwest is a region and a territory where in days past there were explores who came into this area. Explorers such as Lewis and Clark that came through this Northwest Territory, exploring this land and this region. And in this exploring they discovered rivers, and they discovered streams, and they discovered sources of water. I heard the Spirit say,

“This is an hour that I am going to release an anointing upon spiritual explorers in the area. They are going to discover rivers of water, and they are going to discover healing streams. This is an hour I’m going to cause the streams to begin to come together in this area. And even the streams and the tributaries begin to join together, I’m going to release a power in this area, and it shall be a power that shall cause healing and miracles to be released. I purpose this area to be an area of healing.”

“I purposed this area to be an area of healing”

“Im going to even raise up healing centers from city to city and region to region. There will be healing cities. And many will come into those healing waters and they shall find healing, and they shall find restoration. Know that as healing anointing is released, not just the Christian’s are going to come, but know that I shall bring people from all spiritual and non-spiritual backgrounds, the thirsty, the desperate and the destitue. I shall bring those that do not know Me, but that are desperate for a miracle. And they shall come into those healing centers, and I shall release my healing, restoring manifest power and presence. It will cause those that need to be healed to come into this area, and they will get into the healing waters of My Spirit. And in these healing centers that I am going to raise up from city to city, I’m going to release miracles in this hour. I will be glorified.”

Healing Waters – Healing Streams
“For even as it was in the past when I sent explorers into this territory to find and they found sources of water, I say My spiritual explorers in this area are going to find healing waters and healing streams. I’m going to loose the waters of revival in this area. I’m going to change the statistics of this area. No longer will they be able to report that this is the least of areas, but they will report of a mighty move of My Spirit in this area. And I shall cause an influx of people to come even out of the nations of the world. And they shall come to behold the mighty things that are happening in this area.”