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Weeds and Roots

By Lindsey Davis

Beneath every WEED there is a ROOT.
You can pull out the stem of a weed, but the root will still be planted deeply in the soil of the earth.
Likewise, beneath every issue in your life, there is a ROOT to the issue. 🌱
There are so many people who go through life treating their symptoms, but never seem to find the root of the problem!
We were created by God, SOUL, BODY & SPIRIT! The things going on in our soul (mind, emotions, etc) releases a BODILY RESPONSE!

Allergies are oftentimes linked to people who struggle with fear and anxiety.
Anorexia, Bulimia, and Obesity are often linked to people who struggle with self hatred and self rejection.
Auto immune diseases are often linked to people who struggle with self hatred and bitterness! (AKA unforgiveness)
Bowel issues are often linked to people who struggle with self rejection, self hatred, anxiety and fear.
Depression is linked to self rejection, self hatred, fear and anxiety.
Insomnia is linked to anxiety and people who have unresolved conflicts in their life!
Gastro-intestinal issues are often also linked to fear and anxiety.
Insanity (mental insanity) is spiritually linked to the “dumb and deaf” spirit.
Cancer is often linked to unforgiveness and bitterness!
OCD is linked to doubt, worry, fear and anxiety.
Rashes can be linked to fear and stress!
These are just a FEW examples!


2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
Power comes against depression
Love comes up against bitterness, self rejection, self hatred, and unforgiveness
And a sound mind comes up against any and all fear, depression and anxiety!

If you are experiencing anything counter to POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND, you are being targeted by a spirit that is NOT of the Lord!

In John 10:10 Jesus says,
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
‭‭John‬ ‭10:10‬ ‭

The spiritual roots that the enemy is trying to plant in your soul are intended to STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY!

Fear does not bring life.
Stress does not bring life.
Anxiety does not bring life.
Self rejection does not bring life.
Self hatred does not bring life.
Depression does not bring life.
If it’s not bringing life, it’s not Jesus!

In Jesus name I pull out the weeds of my brothers and sisters by the ROOT! I come up against not just the symptoms of their infirmities but the CAUSES!

You must stand in your God given authority! Rebuke the spirit that brought the ROOT and the weeds will leave with it! 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻

You were not created to live plagued by infirmities, sickness or disease! If that wasn’t Gods intention in the garden, he never intended for you to live this way! We have authority over the one who came to steal, kill and destroy us!

GET PICKIN’ 🌱 PS. Pull from the root (;

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I am coming! I am coming in Light. I am Light. Where I am there is no darkness. When I come, all will be revealed and nothing hidden. I am Light.

I desire my people to have nothing hidden. I desire them to be completely open with everything revealed. This is Freedom. This is Liberty. To not worry about image because everything is exposed; to not worry with words because all untruths are revealed; to be fully the person you were created to be. This is Freedom. This is Liberty.

Light is energy and can be straightened and focused with the capability of great power. Light is a vast spectrum of wavelengths but it is greater than you know. You know of spectrums such as the visible light , infra-red light, ultra-violet light which you can see with the naked eye or mechanical assistance. I am those and much, much more. I am the spectrums which you cannot see or sense but which allow me to see and penetrate everything. Nothing can be hidden from my Light. I am the spectrum which sees your heart, your soul, your mind, and your spirit. Nothing of you can be hidden from my Light. Your thoughts, emotions, desires, hopes, sorrows are all seen in my Light. I am the Light of the World in which everything is revealed and nothing is hidden.

Come to me and embrace the Light. Come to the Light and allow it to enfold you. Allow it to encompass you. Allow me to wrap your entire being with my Light. Open yourselves to my Light and allow me to illuminate all shadows and darkness where pain, suffering, shame, anger, pride, guilt, and all forms of sin can hide. Allow me to bathe you with my Light and set you free from the darkness. Allow me to bring you Truth.

Allow the focused power of my Light to cleanse you and give you liberty. Allow Truth to burn through the shackles of darkness which bind you. Allow Truth to give you true freedom and liberty which you were created to have and which I desire for you. Accept the temporary pains of being released and come into the ecstasy of true freedom. Allow Truth to cleanse your heart, your mind, and your soul. Allow Truth to set you free. I desire you to walk in the Light and in the Truth.

I am the Light. I am the Truth. I am also the Way. Light reveals the darkness and brings cleansing. That is Truth. Love embraces them both and allows mercy and grace to flow bringing gentleness and minimal pain to the process of healing. Love beckons you to the Light. Love holds your hand during the process. Love embraces you in the pain. Love rejoices in your freedom. Love is the Light. Love is the Truth. Love is the Way.

Love calls you to embrace the Light and be set free with gentleness and mercy. Love cries for your bondage and yearns for your liberty. Choose me NOW!


Word given to Daniel Hadden 2-15-2005

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A Great Healing Is Coming

A Great Healing is coming upon the church. It will seem like all that you can see are the mountains and the rocks, but I AM preparing the field. I AM already plowing it, leveling the mountains, exposing the clogs (those things that blind and deafen My people) and the rocks. (Past sins and hardened hearts) Soon the soil in the field of your (souls and the church) will be sifted and refined, ready for planting the Seeds of healing and recovery. Now you are seeing a plowed field, where what was hidden is being exposed so that the field can be readied for a Great Healing. Say “yes” to the plowing. Say “yes” to the turning of the soil, to the exposing of that which will not bear fruit. Great renewal is coming to My Beloved Bride. Do not fear the plowing. I Am recovering My treasure, My pearl of great price! Rejoice with the Plower. I AM busy about My father’s Work. Will you let Me walk on the field of your soul to prepare you for My Light and Great Healing?

Lucille Burris Hadden. August 5, 2018

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“Go now among the wolves and rescue My lambs.”

“My little lambs, do not continue to act like sheep that follow every whelm. The wolf is in the field and you run away, afraid. I have given you power and every help. Be My little lambs. Lambs follow the voice of the Master. Lambs follow their mother. I have given you My Mother. Follow her example. She knows your struggles. I know that you want to run away and hide, but the wolf will flee from My Presence. The wolf flees from the presence of My Mother because she is in My Presence. She carries Me everywhere she goes and she will teach you to do the same.

I AM is now saying: I am the Good Father. I want to give you only goodness. I am loving and patient towards you always, no matter what is in you or coming at you or distressing you. I AM a Good Father and only want victory and life and freedom for you, Come now, to Me, My Little Lambs. Trust Me to bring you victory over every wolf that attacks you.

Think on all that is good, pure, holy, worthy, peaceful and kind. Dwell on My Goodness and all will be well.”

Another word received the same night:

“Go now among the wolves and rescue My lambs.”


Kelso WA

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Activating Revival

“Catholic Revival, Revival. Revival, Revival. I was in a large church in the Seattle area. I believe it is Renton. I was seated with an opened Bible in my hands, reading from the Word of God, the Scriptures. The whole, entire, complete altar was filled with priests, from one side to the other. They were witnessing to the people their testimonies of their own Baptisms in the Holy Spirit. They did this continuously all day long. People kept coming, ALL day, to receive what they were hearing and what was being witnessed too through the Word and by the priests. Continuous praise and worship and sharing. Revival! Revival, Revival! People were empowered and sent as they surrendered and received.”

He then shared this for this week:

I believe this weekend is going to be big!

“The next step after (Impartion/Surrender/Encounter) is that fire which is the Spirit of Revival needs to be actively released into the vessel that the Father has built. (Individual vessal/groups)

Once we have received this flame of revival within all we have been called for, we then release into our cities and this nation and into the rest of the world. (the Vessels of Revival, through unity and surrender, are now being released into the whole people of God/upon the church)

This can only happen as we, all the vessels of revival come together in cities that God has already prepared for revival

The vessels prepared for revival now need to gather in cities (Saturday in Bruien? other gatherings? Now/Future!))

The torchbearers need to gather with the intercessors, Only when these vessels for revival start to come together, by the Spirit; and lay all down before Him, and seek the Lord as one, will we see revival fire break out in these cities.” (Word from Wayne Horak, in Africa…how to open to the impartations…Used as 1 confirmation. If you have been praying for impartation, you may have already heard this, experienced this and this word will only be a confirmation for you, your group, etc).)

This is sovereignly happening all over the world. Sound the shofar! God is coming to meet us!

Blessed be God.
ANAWIM core Group

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Cloud of Incense

From August 2016 to January 2017, I experienced the Holy Spirit come upon me creating a thick cloud of incense pouring from my heart. The cloud of incense poured out in a swirl clockwise around me. The incense would fill the room I was in and continue into the next room until the house was completely filled. As I swam laps in the pool, I could feel the incense filling the pool, then the aquatic center and then the whole recreational facility.  This happened everywhere and the pouring fourth didn’t stop there.

Cities Filled

The cloud of incense continued to pour out and expand in a spiral throughout the whole city of Longview, Washington. Once the City of Longview was full of incense it would continue into the neighboring city of Kelso from there into Kalama. The cloud of incense would then pour into the Kalama, Cowlitz and Columbia Rivers.  It would flow in Woodland, Scappoose, St. Helens and Rainier. It would continue flowing west filling Clatskanie, Cathlamet and Grays River/Rosburg.

Two Directions

The wind would guide the cloud of incense all the way to the mouth of the Columbia River where it split in two different directions, North and South. From Ilwaco and Long Beach the incense headed north across the Willapa Bay to Raymond and South Bend and continue all the way to Aberdeen in Grays Harbor Washington. The cloud of incense flowed east to Hoquiam and northeast across the Willapa Hills into Pe/El and Chehalis/Centralia.

Washington State

As each area and city became filled with incense the cloud of incense flowed faster picking up momentum until it reached the Washington State Capitol of Olympia Washington.  At the moment the cloud of incense reached the Washington State capital, the region burst with a bright light and a circular wave of incense washed over the entire State of Washington. The wave of incense ripped through the Puget Sound, Seattle and across the eastern side of the state.

Oregon State

Simultaneous to the north flow, the south flow filled Astoria, Seaside, and Tillamook. The cloud of incense continued south to Lincoln City and Newport before a strong gust of wind pushed the incense east on highway 20 and highway 26 moving through the forested hills reaching Portland Oregon and Salem Oregon at about the same time.  Same as the Washington State Capitol, as the cloud of incense reached the Oregon State Capitol in Salem the region burst forth with a bright light and a circular wave of incense covered all of the State of Oregon.

Waves Crashing

Up to this point, the cities of Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon were not touched by the incense.  As the waves of incense burst forth from the capitols in Olympia and Salem, the two waves only met in the region of Portland/Vancouver. The two waves meeting created a huge crash that sprayed incense into the upper atmospheres. This experience shook the region to it’s core and was never the same again.  More people from this region spread throughout the world than from any other place in modern history.

More than a Movement

The large two state waves of incense continued to spread out pouring into the Pacific Ocean, into Canada, into Idaho and Montana. It poured into California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas and eventually Mexico. The wave spread across the entire United States and when it touched the United States Capitol in Washington DC it burst into a bright light and a massive wave ensued. Moments later the capitols of Canada and Mexico burst forth. The wave of incense continued to spread across the entire globe knowing no boundaries. The cloud of incense poured in every water, on every land, and to all living creatures.



By JD Rossetti



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Ananias; The Cloud of the Presence of the Lord

Ananias; The Cloud of the Presence of the Lord

In January 2017, while in prayer and meditation I was greeted by an angelic being.  Roman centurion Helmet, breastplate, sword and shield. He had wings as we typically imagine. He was 7 to 8’ tall and muscular in stature.  He spoke to me saying, “Greetings! I am Ananias, I have been sent to be your guarding angel and to guild your way.”

I replied by thanking him for his service and asked the meaning of Ananias.  He responded, “Ananias means “Cloud of the Presence of the Lord.”  You may recognize me from Mathew 17. I was there when Jesus was transfigured as he met with Moses and Elijah. I am honored to receive this assignment to be with you.”

“What is the assignment?” I asked.

Ananias replied, “Revolution, are you ready?”

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Where Explorers Came – Healing Will Now Come

March 10, 2001

Where Explorers Came – Healing will now come
The Northwest is a region and a territory where in days past there were explores who came into this area – explorers such as Lewis and Clark that came through this Northwest Territory, and they explored this land and this region. And in this exploring they discovered rivers, and they discovered streams, and they discovered sources of water. And I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “This is an hour that I am going to release an anointing upon My spiritual explorers in the area. They are going to discover rivers of water, and they are going to discover healing streams. This is an hour I’m going to cause the streams to begin to come together in this area. And even the streams and the tributaries begin to join together, I’m going to release a power in this area, and it shall be a power that shall cause healing and miracles to be released. I purpose this area to be an area of healing.”

“I purposed this area to be an area of healing”
“Im going to even raise up healing centers from city to city and region to region. There will be healing cities. And many will come into those healing waters and they shall find healing, and they shall find restoration. Know that as I release My healing anointing, not just the church is going to come, but know that I shall bring the desperate. I shall bring those that do not know Me, but they are desperate for a miracle. And they shall come into those healing centers, and I shall release my healing, restoring power. It will cause those that need to be healed to come into this area, and they will get into the healing waters of Mt Sprit. And in these healing centers that I am going to raise up from city to city, I’m going to release miracles in this hour. I will be glorified.”

Healing Waters – Healing Streams
“For even as it was in the past when I sent explorers into this territory to find and they found sources of water, I say My spiritual explorers in this area are going to find healing waters and healing streams. I’m going to loose the waters of revival in this area. I’m going to change the statistics of this area. No longer will they be able to report that this is the least evangelized area, but they will report of a mighty move of My Spirit in this area. And I shall cause an influx of people to come even out of the nations of the world. And they shall come to behold the mighty things that the Lord shall do in this area.”

–Barbara Wentroble